S&L Teams Up With Artist Allan Flott

Very excited to announce the collaboration between artist Allan Flott and performance dress company State & Liberty. The collaboration developed from State & Liberty's desire to improve their in-store customer experience and strengthen brand recognition outside of their existing marketing channels. "The approach State & Liberty is taking to grow their brand is both unique and very relevant in today's apparel industry where brands need to constantly push the marketing envelope and look beyond how brand collaborations have been executed in the past." - Allan Flott

No longer are collaborations an alternative product development tactic that brands can utilize to reach new audiences, but rather a mandatory strategy that should be implemented in order to differentiate the business in the market. State & Liberty is fully aware of this challenge and that is what led to a multi-month art pilot throughout 2018 with installations of Allan's art at two of their store locations.

What made the collaboration come to life was an alignment between both parties around their shared values and desired outcomes for the collaboration. For Allan, being able to position his art in retail locations that attract high net worth individuals and sell premium apparel products matched perfectly with his target audience's buying habits.

State & Liberty saw this as a similar opportunity, where they could improve their in-store customer experience by aligning premium apparel alongside high-quality abstract art to enhance the quality of life for their customers. By linking this style of art to their clothing, State & Liberty is hoping to further strengthen their brand recognition in other art installed commercial real-estate locations where their audiences frequent.

Allan's art is currently located at four of the six State & Liberty retail locations throughout North America (New York City, Chicago, Ann Arbor & Boston) and has plans to expand his art to the company's new stores as they are rolled out throughout 2020.