Traditional Apartment Turned Modern

For this project, artist Allan Flott helped modernize a small traditional style apartment at The Gallery at White Flint, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Interior architecture was designed by renowned design firm Hartman Design Group. Mixing traditional and contemporary style interior objects can be a challenge. A common misconception though is that non-objective styled art has to be associated with an interior setting that is modern in design. When in fact, it can be integrated into a traditional style home by carefully surrounding the art with modern style accent pieces (e.g. marble dining table).

The color scheme chosen for this project was very minimal. Allan went with crimson, white, and grey colors for the canvas, which hangs perfectly along the newly painted dining room wall. Adding crimson colors gave the dining area an inviting, spacious feel by drawing eyes and energy up from the marble table and into Allan's work.

Moving over to the living room, the space gives off a unique blend of traditional and modern style. The monochromatic color scheme and minimal decor give the room a contemporary style feel. But the couch, pillows, and rug really evoke a sense of traditionalism because of their rich colors and floral motif designs. The bold blue couch helps break-up the predominately neutral colored walls that encompass the room. This offset created a nice focal point in the apartment, in addition to the striking juxtaposition of blue opposite the crimson dining area.

Accompanying the living room was a beautiful modern side display, that was sleek and open. The table and shelf were crisp, giving it that contemporary look and feel. So while the interior architecture and layout of the apartment was more traditional, the interior furniture placed throughout the apartment created a nice blend of aesthetics and ultimately made Allan's canvas fit in great.