Allan’s Art Goes International

Allan Flott has been working with the independent clothing brand State & Liberty for the past year. Commissioning individual pieces for their DC, New York City, Boston, and Chicago stores. Working directly with the companies founders, Allan has been able to design his artwork to reflect State and Liberty’s unique storefronts. Each one tells a story about their brand through his art.

As State & Liberty has grown, so has their relationship with Allan. At the end of 2019, State & Liberty opened another store in Toronto, Canada, their first in Canada. The owners entrusted Allan to create the artwork necessary to dictate the style and decorum of their store.

Allan created a dual-facing piece. His painting utilizes the State & Liberty’s branded colors; blue, white, and red. His goal was to tie the room together using simple yet striking details. The background bears a deep enticing blue, which is then mellowed out by the white circular strokes. The goal was to create a mesmerizing enchantment for the customers. The final element of the piece was the deep red slash right across the middle, as a way to catch your eye and capture your attention.

Each color stands alone but works off the other intrinsically. Allan utilizes a series of individualistic colors that come together to create an alluring abstract expressionist piece, which can tie any room, business, or home together.

As Allan finishes his fifth State & Liberty store, his artwork has now become an international phenomenon starting in Georgetown and traveling all the way to Toronto. As 2020 is set to begin, we see Allan and his artwork growing to a wider audience. He is set up to create more captivating artwork nationally and internationally.

Look out for Allan and his artwork again in September 2020 as he is thrown into the running for a space at the coveted Other Art Fair for their first-ever fair in Toronto.